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The Counter Improvised Explosive Devices Centre of Excellence (C-IED COE) is an International Military Organization, multinationally manned and funded by contributions from 9 sponsoring NATO nations.

Although it is accredited by NATO, a COE is not part of the NATO Command Structure (NCS), but forms part of the wider framework supporting NCS. It is established as a subsidiary body of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) in accordance with Article 9 of the North Atlantic Treaty and granted international status pursuant to Article 14 of the Paris Protocol.

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The Centre is placed close to the town of Hoyo de Manzanares, province of Madrid, in a protected area considered to be of exceptional beauty and recognized as one of the World's Biosphere Reserves. Spain, as framework nation, contributes not only with a long experience in the fight against terrorism, but with fifty percent of the total manning.

The COE fosters the use of a Comprehensive Approach to face up the challenge, with the support of not only military personnel, but also the contribution from law enforcement and civilians from research & technology industry. The synergy of all these elements will contribute to the identification of terrorist / insurgent networks.




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